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The incision
Surgery of the nose is performed either using a closed procedure, where incisions are hidden inside the nose, or an open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.

Nose Surgery

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

There are two basic categories of candidates who desire rhinoplasty: one for cosmetic purposes—that they are not pleased with the shape of their nose in some significant way (which is most candidates). The other is for those with breathing difficulties, such as from broken nose or other structural abnormality.

Additionally, it is recommended that candidates be at the minimal age to allow for full development of facial features.

How is a rhinoplasty performed?

When one of our surgeons performs a rhinoplasty, he typically makes small incisions inside the nostril rims and precisely trims extra cartilage from the nasal bump or the round tip. Then he narrows the flattened bridge by carefully cutting and resetting the nasal bones. The surgeon then performs the final shaping and contouring before stitching closed the incisions.

For patients with breathing difficulties or nasal obstruction issues, our comprehensively trained rhinoplasty surgeons will use the most appropriate reconstructive surgical methods to improve your nasal breathing and maintain or improve your nasal appearance.

What is recovery like?

Depending on the surgical technique used, a splint may be placed on the bridge of your nose for the purpose of holding the tissues in place until they have stabilized. The splint will protect your nose while you sleep and shield it from accidental bumps. Frequently, you may also have a small triangular bandage beneath the tip of your nose. Packing or soft internal splints are sometimes used inside the nostrils, especially if work has been done to improve your breathing.

Minor bruising and swelling are relieved by pain medication, and usually quickly subside in several days to a week. You will be asked to wear a nose splint during sleep for the first several weeks and to remain with your head elevated for the first 24 to 48 hours. Stitches will be removed at your one-week follow-up visit, and at that time, most patients are able to return to work or other routine activities. Exercise should be avoided for the first few weeks. Avoid wearing glasses and getting sun exposure for the first four to six weeks.

Not everyone will get bruising around the eyes after rhinoplasty. If black eyes do appear, they typically resolve within seven to ten days after the procedure.

What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty, that is, correcting the results of rhinoplasty surgery performed elsewhere, is also done at The Plastic Surgery Center. It is estimated that upwards of 15% of patients undergoing rhinoplasty surgery are dissatisfied with the resultant appearance of their nose, or have inadvertent breathing difficulties as a result of poorly performed rhinoplasty.

What about a rhinoplasty for breathing difficulties?

Many patients have concerns both about the way their nose looks and about difficulties breathing through their nose. Whereas some surgeons may have the ability to deal with either cosmetic issues or breathing difficulties, it is less common to find skilled surgeons that can handle both types of problems, such as those at The Plastic Surgery Center.

What about ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty in individuals of non-Caucasian descent, requires an additional level of skill and experience, as the characteristics of non-Caucasian noses are very different from those of Caucasian noses. Ethnic rhinoplasty requires that the surgeon use techniques that may be different from those typically used in Caucasian rhinoplasty operations, and the expert surgeons at the New Jersey Plastic Surgery Center understand those techniques required to perform successful ethnic rhinoplasties.

How do I assess the results of rhinoplasty?

The goal of modern-day rhinoplasty is to bring the nose in harmony with the rest of the face. Typically after rhinoplasty, people will comment on the fact that you look better, but most may not notice that your nose is different.

A complete result of nose surgery takes about one year, since the skin of the nose takes that long to adjust to the new positioning of the internal structure. Think of the nose skin’s end result like “shrink wrapping.” However, significant changes are apparent well before that time.

Most of the swelling resolves within a week. In three to four weeks, typically 80% of the swelling is gone. The remainder of the swelling, often in the tip/front portion of the nose, is further reduced in the next 6 to12 months.

To maximize both recovery and results, closely follow your surgeon’s directions. You will have a series of follow up appointments with your doctor, who will check your progress. Be prepared during that time to ask any and all questions, including a timetable for resumption of your activities.


The Plastic Surgery Center offers a complimentary consultation for rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and breathing difficulty at any of our New Jersey and Manhattan Plastic Surgery Center locations. At the consultation, the surgeon will discuss your cosmetic concerns and any breathing difficulties you may have in order to formulate a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your particular needs and desires. We also offer patients the option to view computer assisted photographs of potential surgical outcomes to better assess their expectations.


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"I have always been unhappy with the shape and size of my nose. Dr. Kaufman made my decision to get rhinoplasty very easy and the process was comfortable and he did an amazing job with it. I love the way my nose looks and have been treated extremely well by the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center."

"I am thrilled with the results of my nasal surgery and would highly recommend the doctors at the Plastic Surgery Center for rhinoplasty surgery."

"I had two nasal surgeries in the 1970's and was living with a terrible looking nose and one that did not function very well. My doctor was able to create the nose I had always wanted and improve my breathing all in one operation."
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