Hair Loss Advice & Solutions

This August marks the 11th year of the U.S. National Hair Loss Awareness Month. Hair loss is common with 60% of men and 40% of women affected by hereditary forms of hair loss by age 50. This translates into 90 million men and women in the US and Canada alone. In addition to hereditary hair loss, there are over 100 additional reasons to lose hair.*

The Plastic Surgery Center, headquartered in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and with branches throughout the State and in Manhattan, performs specialized hair treatments, performed by highly-qualified doctors.

According to Dr. Matthew Kaufman of The Plastic Surgery Center, “Utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated methods of follicular grafting, we are able to achieve very natural results for our patients. We see a high volume of hair restoration patients, including both men and women, and consistently provide them with tremendous satisfaction.”

The American Hair loss Association fully endorses surgical hair restoration for those candidates who can benefit from the procedure. It is important to note, however, that there are only a handful of qualified surgeons and surgical staffs performing hair restoration surgery in the U.S. and worldwide.

Advice for Selecting a Hair Loss Specialist

  • Ask your hair transplant doctor to provide you with sets of before-and-after photos taken at the same angle, the same background and the same lighting.
  • Ask for the names and phone numbers of other patients that you can contact to discuss their experiences with the hair transplant physician and staff that you are considering.
  • Flashy marketing and high-pressure sales pitches tend to dominate the field, so make sure you verify the credentials of the doctor and practice you are considering.
  • Have a thorough consultation, and come prepared with a comprehensive list of any questions. Carefully review the process you will undergo as part of your treatment.

Good Candidate for Hair Replacement Surgery

    • Distinct areas of concern to be addressed with hair replacement treatment
    • Sufficient hair on either the back or sides of the head to donate for the hair replacement procedure
    • Realistic expectations about what is and what is not possible with hair replacement

Doctors at The Plastic Surgery Center perform individual follicle hair transplants using a patient’s own hair in an office setting under local anesthesia. Complete hair transplants can frequently be performed in one sitting. Most patients who undergo hair transplants are able to return to work the day following surgery and can comb their new hair within a few months. Hair transplants entail up to 3,500 grafts that can be performed in a single session. While hair transplants require meticulous and time-consuming work, the terrific, natural results are worth it.

*According to the Women’s Hair Loss Project Network