Breast Reduction Using the Yin-Yang Technique

At The Plastic Surgery Center, we offer a number of breast reduction techniques. Which technique is best for each patient depends on the patient’s current breast anatomy and their desired outcome.

Breast reduction techniques are classified by their incision and pedicle (vascular supply) to the nipple areola complex. Some common breast reduction techniques include: Circular Areola Incision or “Donut”, Keyhole Incision and Anchor Incision. Each technique has pros and cons, including shape, projection, scarring, nipple sensation and vascularity.

Benefits of the Yin-Yang Technique for Breast Reduction

One of the techniques that we offer at The Plastic Surgery Center is the Yin-Yang technique. This technique allows for the ideal breast shape to be achieved.  The goal of this procedure is to narrow the base of the breast and allow projection of the nipple, while reducing sagging of the breasts over time. Aside from the cosmetic benefits of breast reduction, patients may also experience improvements in physical symptoms such as back, neck or shoulder pain.

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“S” Shape of gland to be resected

Movement of breast tissue to create a round shape and projected breast.

Before & After Breast Shape