Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon Checklist

Deciding to have a cosmetic procedure can be overwhelming! While you may be anxious to have full lips or a beach body in time for summer, you shouldn’t rush when choosing your surgeon. To help make your cosmetic procedure journey a little easier, we created a checklist of what to look for when choosing your surgeon.

✔ Make sure your plastic surgeon is certified by The American Board of Plastic

Before a surgeon becomes eligible for this certification, they must graduate from an
accredited medical school and complete a residency or fellowship in plastic surgery.
They must then pass a written and oral exam evaluating their knowledge, ethical
standards and their safe and effective approach to multiple reconstructive and
cosmetic challenges.

✔ Check your plastic surgeon’s reviews, awards and accomplishments.

Reviews. There are many websites that allow patients to share their experiences with
doctors, including: Google, Healthgrades and Ratemds. Some practices may even
have a testimonial page on their website sharing real patient feedback. Keep in mind
that reviews are based on personal opinions and everyone’s expectations and
experiences with plastic surgery may be different. Your decision should not be solely
based on other’s reviews but rather your impression during your initial consultation.

Awards and Accomplishments. Many plastic surgeons will share some of their
awards and accomplishments on their person website or throughout their office. Are
they chief of plastic surgery at a local hospital? Have they published articles on their
medical research? Are they a Castle Connolly nominated Top Doctor? There are
many different awards and accomplishments that a plastic surgeon may achieve that
shows their dedication and expertise.

✔ Make your consultation count.

When you prepare for your initial consultation, make a list of questions that you have
and bring them with you. You should feel comfortable with your potential surgeon and
confident in the procedure that you are considering.

✔ Ask to see before and after pictures.

After talking with your potential surgeon you will surely be curious what some of their
previous patients look like. Most plastic surgeons have a before and after
book or photos on an iPad/Laptop to show you. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is
different and your results will not be the exact same as any patient’s photos that
you see.

✔ Don’t go bargain hunting.

While cost is certainly an important factor in determining if you should proceed with a
cosmetic procedure, cost shouldn’t rule your decision of which doctor to choose. As
mentioned above, there are many other factors that help determine a doctor’s level of
expertise that should be taken into consideration to ensure you will be receiving
quality care. If finances are a barrier, you can ask the office staff about healthcare
financing options, such as CareCredit.

✔ Don’t rush your decision.

The most important tip is to take your time! Don’t rush in choosing your surgeon or
scheduling your procedure. Once you are confident in your decision, proceed with
scheduling your cosmetic procedure, and enjoy your natural, enhanced look.

For further information on choosing a plastic surgeon, please review a recent NJ Press Media article featuring our very own Dr. Michael Rose. You can also contact our team at 866-723-6591.