Breast Reconstruction

The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction specializes in breast reconstruction. Our experienced fellowship trained surgeons have performed this surgery for thousands of women. In addition, our practice has supported and worked closely with the women’s cancer community in a variety of capacities.

Breast reconstruction is the re-creation of a woman’s breast through surgery, either with an implant or her body’s own tissue. This procedure can be done at the time of mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) or delayed until the patient is medically and/or psychologically ready.

Our surgeons are experienced in a series of involved operations to rebuild the breast mound and recreate the nipple. We employ several distinct breast reconstruction methods including: tissue expansion/implant based, pedicled TRAM flap, latissimus flap, free TRAM flap, DIEP flap, non-abdominal free flap; nipple/areola reconstruction and nipple/areola sparing mastectomy. Our surgeons are able to produce beautiful, natural results for women with a variety of different body types by selecting the surgical method that is best for each woman’s own particular needs and aesthetic preferences.

Our goal as plastic reconstructive surgeons is always to give a woman back what was taken away with her breast cancer diagnosis, to make her feel whole again, and to support her through the entire process.

No Charge Laser Removal of Radiation Tattoos

On your journey in conquering breast cancer, you’re left with reminders. Some are empowering, others may not be. As a New Beginnings participating practice, we’ll remove the radiation tattoos you’re left with, free of charge. We look forward to helping you move forward.