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Your face is often the first thing that others notice about you. For many transgender individuals, the facial features they were born with may not align with their gender identity, causing significant distress and discomfort. Gender affirmation facial procedures reshape and resize face and neck features to help patients achieve an outer appearance that matches their gender identity. 


Procedure time
6 to 12 hours
Overnight stay
General anesthesia
Recovery time
Recovery time
2-4 weeks

Types of Facial Procedures

Facial Masculinization Surgery

Facial masculinization surgery is a set of procedures that masculinize the face. The specific surgical techniques can vary based on your unique anatomy and desired outcome, but the goal is typically to create a more angular and defined facial structure with a stronger jawline, brow ridge, and nose. Common procedures include:

  • Brow bone augmentation
  • Brow lowering
  • Masculinizing rhinoplasty
  • Jaw contouring/mandibular augmentation
  • Chin contouring/genioplasty
  • Facelift
  • Structural fat grafting
  • Tracheal augmentation
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Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery is a set of procedures that feminize the face. While the process is different for each patient, the procedures usually transform the face to have a more delicate and rounded structure with a softer forehead, brow ridge, nose, chin, and jaw. Common procedures include:

  • Hairline lowering/advancement
  • Brow bone reduction
  • Brow lift
  • Temporal augmentation
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Feminizing rhinoplasty
  • Nostril narrowing/alar reduction
  • Earlobe reduction
  • Buccal fat removal
  • Lip lift
  • Jaw contouring/mandibular reduction
  • Masseter muscle reduction
  • Chin reduction/genioplasty
  • Facelift
  • Structural fat grafting
  • Tracheal shave
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Am I a

Candidate for Facial Procedures?

Facial surgery can be a beneficial option for individuals who are seeking gender affirmation. The specific procedures and techniques that may be appropriate will depend on the individual's goals and needs. In general, good candidates for facial surgery for gender affirmation include individuals who:

  1. Have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and have completed a thorough evaluation by a qualified mental health professional.
  2. Are at least 18 years of age or have parental consent if younger.
  3. Have been on hormone therapy for an appropriate amount of time (typically at least 12 months) and have achieved a stable hormone level.
  4. Are in good physical and mental health, with no contraindications for surgery.
  5. Have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of the procedures.
  6. Have facial features that are inconsistent with their gender identity and that they wish to change.
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The Plastic Surgery Center offers confidential facial masculinization and facial feminization surgery consultations at all of our locations. During your consultation, one of our highly skilled and experienced surgeons will thoroughly evaluate your medical history, facial structures, skin quality, and ongoing transition goals before recommending a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Your surgeon may also take facial measurements, photographs, and x-rays or CT scans. 

about this procedure?

What to Expect

Most facial masculinization and facial feminization surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. The surgeries last 6 to 12 hours, and you will likely stay at the hospital overnight. Depending on your goals and treatment plan, the surgeon may recommend dividing your procedures into multiple surgeries. You and your surgeon will decide together what approach is best for you.  


After, you may have a surgical drain and bandages, compression wraps, and gauze covering your incisions, and you will likely be asked to keep your head elevated for the first two weeks. Redness, bruising, discomfort, and swelling usually subside within several weeks. Most people can resume regular activities within 10 to 14 days, but should avoid strenuous activity for four to six weeks.  

Recovery &

Results can take up to one year or more to develop fully, but many patients see noticeable changes well before that time.

Swelling and bruising peak two to three days after surgery, but typically start to resolve within one to two weeks. In three to four weeks, the majority of the swelling is gone. The remainder of the swelling is further reduced in the next six to 12 months.

To maximize both recovery and results, closely follow your surgeon’s directions and attend follow-up appointments.


Gender Affirmation Surgeons in NJ & PA

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons are best-in-class. We understand and respect the intimate and life-changing process of transitioning and deliver beautiful facial results that create harmony between the inner and outer self. 

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Financing & Insurance

Most insurance providers offer coverage for medically necessary transition-related care. While facial masculinization and facial feminization surgery are typically considered elective cosmetic procedures, it's possible that some or all of the costs may be covered by your insurance. We will work with you and your health insurer to obtain the approvals for your covered surgical procedures.

Our Process

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Financing & Insurance

Plastic surgery is an investment. Our dedicated staff is happy to help patientsnavigate insurance coverage and understand the costs and financing of care.

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