After having breast cancer and a mastectomy I choose Dr. Elkwood to do the reconstruction and a breast lift on the other side. The results are amazing, very balanced and symmetrical. Dr. Elkwood carefully explained each process that would take place and the choices I had. He was caring, patient and talented. The care I received at The Plastic Surgery Center was excellent. There was always someone there to help with any concerns I had. They always warmly welcomed me every time I went for my visits and made me feel special and important.

Patient of Andrew Elkwood, MD

I am so happy with the outcome of my laser hair removal. I am 60 years old and have had this problem since my teens. There were times I had to treat my facial hair 3 times a day. Since having these treatments I am a different person. I no longer worry if my 5 o’clock shadow is showing. To all who are considering attention, I cant encourage you enough to have Dr. Saad work his magic. I wish I did this years ago. I’m sure you will enjoy the new you as much as I do.

Patient of Adam Saad, MD

My hair loss had become more noticeable after having 2 life altering surgeries. I always had wavy full hair and more of a feminine hairline, so I decided to have Neograft surgery on July 27th at The Look Natural Hair Transplants at The Plastic Surgery Center in south New Jersey. The team that did my surgery, as well as the nursing staff and the finance office, were all caring, exceptionally kind, and dotted every ‘i’ in terms of making sure I was prepared, making sure my health was well enough for the minimally invasive procedure, and providing me with excellent post-op care regarding medications as well as answering all my questions.

The team was very supportive of me and treated me with dignity and respect. As a transgender woman, that can be hard to find today or you can experience some discrimination. That was not the case here! John was the kindest person and recreated my feminine hairline as it would have looked at my age today. Laura who assisted John was excellent and made sure I was okay every step of the way. Nurse Barbara and Maggie answered any question I had and made sure all my medication was called in. Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Abdollahi made sure I was numb for the procedure and were very delicate, precise and caring to my comfort needs.

The post-op care by John was pure excellence. He returned every call very quickly and was tremendously patient and caring. I’d also like to mention Dr. Saad who does my laser hair removal—he always makes sure I’m comfortable and cares that I’m happy with the ongoing results. All the receptionists including Jennifer and other staff members such as Kerri and Alex… basically everyone always greeted me with a smile. This great team was put together and brought to south Jersey by Heather who I can’t thank enough. She made it happen for me.

Thank you all for being part of my transformation.

Patient A
Patient of Matthew Kaufman, MD

“I am very grateful for Dr. Schneider and her staff for taking good care of me. I would like to thank Dr. Schneider for doing the surgery. Dr. Schneider did an excellent job on my hand, she was able to save my fingers. Thank you Dr. Schneider.”

Patient of Lisa F. Schneider, MD

“I am so grateful to Dr. Wimmers and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center for the wonderful experience I had before and after my recent breast reduction surgery. I had been experiencing back and shoulder pain for many years due to large, heavy breasts. My breast surgeon recommended Dr. Wimmers after a recent benign biopsy. At the initial consultation, Dr. Wimmers and his staff answered all of my questions to help me make the decision to feel comfortable with breast reduction. I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Wimmers is an excellent surgeon and the care I received pre and post surgery ensured a positive result. I highly recommend Dr. Wimmers and The Plastic Surgery Center.”

Patient of Eric Wimmers, MD