I had a tummy tuck with some Liposuction on my flanks with Dr. Patel. I was given Dr. Patel’s information by my bariatric surgeon who states he does a lot of post-weight loss patients. I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery 2 years ago and have since lost 130 pounds. 

I had residual skin on my tummy that was bothering me.  I was given his information to consult with Dr. Patel, and my entire experience with his office has been amazing. I will start by saying that I am a nurse, and I was extremely impressed by all the staff members in the office. Everyone is knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The consultation was amazing, Dr. Patel was very easy going, not pushy and not trying to push additional procedures on me, like other plastic surgeons who had previously consulted with. He was very interested in my well-being and what I was most concerned with. He answered my questions honestly, and he made me feel very comfortable. Scheduling the surgery date was easy, and again the staff answered all the questions I had. Fast-forward to the day of surgery, at the surgery center. The nurses and anesthesiologist was absolutely incredible. I had an amazing pre-op and post-op experience. I made sure to discuss with them my fear of being nauseous when waking up from surgery, and she took great care of me. I was not groggy after surgery and, most importantly, not nauseous. The entire staff was friendly and took amazing care of me. Dr. Patel was so pleasant and nice and took any fear I had away. I have since been going for my check-ups in the office and I am healing wonderfully. My scar is tiny and healing beautifully. The scar is low, which is amazing for swimsuit season. Dr. Patel did an outstanding job with my incision, and my follow-up care. Dr. Patel’s Physician assistant is amazing, she is always so knowledgeable and friendly. I can honestly say I had the most amazing experience and never once have doubted the procedure. My pain was well-managed and the care I have received throughout my experience has been unforgettable. If and when I do decide if I want additional changes, I would only go to Dr. Patel and his staff! Thank you for everything and thank you for helping me continue to love my body.

Erin M., Patient of Dr. Tushar Patel
Patient of Tushar Patel, MD, FACS

Dr. Chang is a God send. My daughter suffered from a dog bite & we were fortunate enough to have this man as her surgeon through Jersey Shore. We cannot say enough wonderful things about him. If you can have him help you, you should. Amazing bedside manners, he would have sat with us and answered every and any question for an hour if we kept him. Just kind and understanding and does great work. The dog bite was awful and he made it look as if it was a simple, superficial scratch. Love him!

Patient of Eric Chang, MD, FACS

My experience with Dr. Deborah Yu was so refreshing and pleasurable. Firstly, she came into the waiting area to meet me and assured me that my wait would be minimal. What doctor does that?!

During my consultation, I was surprised and pleased by Dr. Yu’s attentiveness, empathy and generosity of time. Any questions that she could not answer, she researched and then called me about. She was honest, intelligent and open minded. She discussed my options and completely understood my concerns. I am thrilled with my results after seeing Dr. Yu and plan on seeing her again in the near future. I am ecstatic that I finally found a plastic surgeon of her caliber. I highly recommend Dr. Yu!

Patient of Deborah Yu, MD

I am a patient of Dr. Ashinoff.

For years I needed a breast reduction, raw itchy skin, neck, back and shoulder pain, couldn’t even find bras to fit me. I was at the point where I could no longer take the rashes and pain. With the encouragement from my husband I looked at surgeons from Monmouth and Ocean county. I read reviews of doctors from so many patients for months. I finally decided to make this embarrassing appointment. I chose Dr. Ashinoff. I showed up for my appointment so upset and mortified. I couldn’t believe I was going to show anyone my breasts. I was given a coverup to put on before the doctor entered the room, and yes I wanted to die. Now I hear that knock on the door, omg the doctor is coming in. Within a minute I no longer was embarrassed, I actually felt at ease. As he examined me I thought finally, someone is going to help me. He was so very nice and compassionate, I think to myself, yes you found the right doctor.

Surgery day comes and yes I am nervous. The staff at the surgery center was just great and kept me at ease. Surgery took place and 8lbs of breast tissue was removed, I was a new woman. I went for a ultrasound about two weeks after my surgery. The ultrasound technician asked me what doctor did my breast reduction. I ask her why? Does something look wrong? She tells me no, the doctor did a beautiful job and she sees reductions a lot. She also couldn’t believe 8lbs were taken off and how great I looked. Even the doctor that read the ultrasound came in to talk with me and he also said the same thing. I am all healed and couldn’t be happier. I am older and heavy I know I’m not a super model but Dr. Ashinoff has made me feel like one!

Patient of Russell Ashinoff, MD, FACS

My story is probably no different than that of many women who are faced with the medical challenges associated with large heavy breasts. For many years, I had thought about the possibility of breast reduction but feared the process and perceived embarrassment associated with the process. After a series of medical complications, I found the courage to proceed and investigate the procedure and find a surgeon. Through insurance and my own research, I found Dr. Wimmers.

It was with a great deal of trepidation that I made my first appointment. Dr. Wimmers was so positive I felt reassured and had great hope. Julie was outstanding, helping me navigate through the non- medical component. The process was positive and smooth.
The surgery went very well and was uneventful. Dr. Wimmers and Marianne were both attentive with follow up and were available, even through the July 4 holiday to address my concerns.

I could not be happier with the results. To date my symptoms are gone, my body confidence up. Dr. Wimmers is an excellent surgeon. His staff is outstanding and very professional. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Wimmers especially for this type of procedure.

Patient of Dr. Wimmers
Patient of Eric Wimmers, MD, FACS