“I am so grateful to Dr. Wimmers and the staff at The Plastic Surgery Center for the wonderful experience I had before and after my recent breast reduction surgery. I had been experiencing back and shoulder pain for many years due to large, heavy breasts. My breast surgeon recommended Dr. Wimmers after a recent benign biopsy. At the initial consultation, Dr. Wimmers and his staff answered all of my questions to help me make the decision to feel comfortable with breast reduction. I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Wimmers is an excellent surgeon and the care I received pre and post surgery ensured a positive result. I highly recommend Dr. Wimmers and The Plastic Surgery Center.”

Patient of Eric Wimmers, MD, FACS

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking such great care of me; not just the surgery, but afterwards also. I am very fortunate that you were available on such short notice. I was really frightened the second time around, but am lucky I had two Top Docs.

May you have continued success and remain patient and caring.

P.S. My hairdresser told me to tell you: ‘Best scar ever!’

Sue K.
Patient of Andrew Elkwood, MD, FACS

When I first met you there was an easiness about you that made me finally exhale all that fear. I had been so afraid of what was to come but from that very first meeting, I knew you would take care of me like I was your own. I knew you would do everything in your power to give me back some of what the cancer would take.

Kimberly McCurnin
Patient of Andrew Elkwood, MD, FACS

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I wanted to somehow find a way to say “thank you” for the integral part you have played in my life this past year. I decided the best way I could say thank you, was to simply say it.

Working in healthcare myself, I realize how much mundane and “everyday” the plights of others can become. On a daily basi,s we treat people who are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives and since it is so commonplace for us, it would be easy to make these patients feel as though we don’t care. Neither you, nor your staff, especially Karen and Nicole, ever made me feel that way. Your attention to my needs was and continues to be “dead on”.

Janice S.
Patient of Michael Rose, MD, FACS

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I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon.

After having three bilateral Phyllodes Tumors removed from my breasts, I experienced a random growth spurt over the course of a year. No physician could diagnose the cause as I had grown to be a G cup. I was self-conscious and uncomfortable to say the least.

Dr. Kaufman had been highly recommended to me and after speaking with him and his staff, I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Kaufman performed a breast reduction and a lift; the results are amazing!

Dr. Kaufman is an incredible surgeon and I have, and will continue to, highly recommend him to everyone.

Jodi Franklin
Patient of Matthew Kaufman, MD, FACS