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Breast Reconstruction Breakdown


Being diagnosed with breast cancer is something no one ever anticipates going through. We understand that this time can be overwhelming, frightening, and even confusing. Our team of dedicated surgeons are here for you every step of the way and provide compassionate care. Understanding the types of breast reconstruction options that are available will help you make an informed decision. Please consult our dedicated surgeons for further guidance on your individual care.

Breast reconstruction is the re-creation of a woman’s breast through surgery, either with an implant or her body’s own tissue. Breast reconstruction can be done at the time of mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) or delayed to when the patient is physically and/or psychologically ready.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Implant-Based Reconstruction

Implant-based reconstruction is usually done by first placing a tissue expander inside the chest following the mastectomy. A tissue expander is a device that is used temporarily to expand the overlying tissue and respond to the size of the removed breast.  After the tissue has been expanded, the tissue expander is exchanged for a breast implant.

In some cases, the implant can be placed be at the time of mastectomy without using a tissue expander. The two types of implants, saline-filled and silicone gel-filled, come in several different shapes and sizes. Your surgeon will discuss the best options with you.

Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Autologous breast reconstruction is when the breast is recreated using the patient’s own tissue, skin, fat, and sometimes muscle. There are many different types of autologous breast reconstruction and areas of tissue that can be utilized to achieve the desired outcome. Your surgeon will discuss these options with you and explain the differences at the time of your consultation.

The surgical term for a piece of tissue used in Autologous Breast Reconstruction is called a flap. Click here to learn about some of the different types of Autologous Breast Reconstruction that our team of surgeons offer.


Our surgeons’ goal is always to give a woman back what was taken away with her breast cancer diagnosis, to make her feel whole again, and to support her through the entire process. To learn more about breast reconstruction, please give us a call at (844)-920-0212.

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