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Eyelid Surgery: Is it Right for Me?


Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery used to correct the appearance of the skin above and below a patient’s eyelids. Many patients come to our practice because they feel their eyelids are sagging, or they have large bags under their eyes. Patients often complain that this makes them look tired or makes them appear older than they are. Fortunately, many patients are candidates for blepharoplasty, which can restore their confidence and make them look younger and refreshed. Eyelid surgery can also help improve vision if the sagging eyelids are interfering with a patient’s eyesight.

What does the surgery entail?

Blepharoplasty involves making an incision in the upper eyelid crease to remove excess skin. Depending on the patient’s individual condition, muscle and excess fat may be removed as well. Surgery for the lower eyelids, called lower blepharoplasty, which can often be performed without any visible scars, usually involves removing excess fat to reduce the puffy bags. A laser treatment can also be done to the lower eyelids to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Am I candidate for eyelid surgery?

Candidates for eyelid surgery are bothered by excess skin, puffy bags, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes. At The Plastic Surgery Center, we see patients of various ages who have concerns about their eyelids. Older patients generally desire age-related eyelid changes that are a result of normal aging, excessive sun exposure, or smoking. Younger patients often have concerns about inherited eyelid puffiness. During your consultation, one of our experienced plastic surgeons will make recommendations on what is best for you and determine if you are a candidate for surgery.

Why do eyelids change over time?

With aging, it’s normal for different parts of your face or body to change over time. As you get older, the skin of eyelids, and the muscles supporting them weaken. As a result, excess fat may gather above and below your eyelids and they may stretch, causing bags under your eyes and your eyebrows to sag.

What is recovery like?

Recovery for eyelid surgery is minimal and you should be fully healed in about 10-14 days. By the two-week mark, most swelling and bruising will have subsided. Your doctor will discuss recovery in detail with you during the time of your consultation.

Can this be done at the time of another procedure?

Yes! Eyelid surgery is often combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as brow lifts or facelifts in order to create a youthful balance to the face.


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