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Men’s Health Month


June is Men’s Health Awareness Month! This is a month dedicated to the encouragement of healthy lifestyles to support men’s physical and mental wellbeing. To honor this month, we compiled a list of ways men can be the best version of themselves, including optional cosmetic procedures to help men overcome insecurities they may have.

Overall Health

It’s important to start with the basics. Cleanliness is key to a healthy lifestyle. Washing hands, showering daily, brushing your teeth, hydrating yourself, etc. All the things we have been taught since we were babies are incredibly important to your overall health. For instance, not showering enough can cause an increase in sweat buildup and bacteria overgrowth, which ultimately causes acne and possible dermatitis neglecta, eczema and of course, body odor. When showering, try opting for a more gentle or natural soap, which will avoid irritation and dryness. It is important to wear sunscreen daily, no matter what season it is. Sunscreen helps to decrease your chances of premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer. Visit our Sycamore Medi Spa for some of our favorite SPFs.

Lastly, a balanced diet and exercise are imperative to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Essentially, you are what you eat. Of course, we all crave foods like pizza and ice cream, but comprising most of your diet of wholesome foods (fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, carbs, etc.), will help keep your mind and body balanced.  A mix of cardio and weight training are ideal for your workout routine, aim for 30 minutes of cardio a day and dedicate 2-3 days to weight or strength training. Remember, your workout routine will not be the same as your friends, as each body is different. So, create a workout routine that works best for you! Just be sure to get your body moving.

Cosmetic Procedures & Confidence

Just like women, men can be insecure about their bodies and natural features. This is completely normal. With the help of cosmetic surgery, men can select procedures to gain more self-confidence and meet their aesthetic goals. We offer procedures such as rhinoplasties, hair restoration, liposuction, and treatment for gynecomastia.  The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction also offers procedures to help treat erectile dysfunction.

To breakdown just some of the procedures we offer, let us start with rhinoplasties. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, can be used to fix a crooked or pointy nose, reduce the width of your nose, and much more. Hair restoration is used to help fix bald spots, hair thinning, and a receding hair line. This is done by removing hair follicles and placing them in a place where balding is occurring, to help grow more hair. Next, fat grafting is done by removing fat from a certain area of your body, which is then moved to your selected target area where you want more fat.

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast tissue in males that causes the appearance of male breasts. Gynecomastia usually results from a hormone imbalance that decreases testosterone and increases estrogen. Other triggers include certain medications, alcohol and street drugs (such as marijuana), hyperthyroidism, kidney or liver failure, and cirrhosis. The risk for gynecomastia increases with age, with at least one in four men between 50 and 80 developing the condition. While it is not a serious health problem, those with gynecomastia are often embarrassed by the appearance of developed breasts.

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