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Exploring Options for Breast Surgery After Significant Weight Loss

Reshaping Confidence: A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Weight Loss Breast Surgery

For many women who have lost a substantial amount of weight, the joy of reaching their goal size is dampened by the realization that their breasts have lost volume and shape. Though it is a natural result of weight loss, the change in breast shape and lift can cause emotional distress for some women. Luckily, there are plastic surgery procedures available to help restore a fuller breast contour after significant weight loss. Both mastopexy (breast lift) and augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation) can be successfully utilized to provide lift and fullness. 

Will Weight Loss Affect Breast Surgery Results? 

When a significant amount of weight is lost following breast surgery, it impacts several aspects of the final cosmetic outcome. First, the breast skin becomes looser and begins to sag, causing the breasts to lose optimal shape and lift even if an implant technique was used. Additionally, areas adjacent to the breasts, such as the chest, back, abdomen, and sides, can lose tissue fullness. This results in visible transition lines and an unnatural appearance between the thin adjacent areas and the fullness of the breasts. 

Ultimately, breast surgery achieves its most natural, aesthetic outcome when post-surgery weight is stable. Losing 20 pounds or more after breast surgery can cause deflation and sagging that negatively impacts the desired lifted shape. When significant weight loss occurs after breast surgery, revision surgeries such as mastopexy or added fat grafting can improve contour, lift, and fullness. If you are interested in one of these procedures, consult your plastic surgeon promptly to develop an appropriate plan to address weight loss-related shape changes after breast surgery.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) After Weight Loss

A mastopexy, or breast lift, can be a good option for reshaping the breasts after major weight loss. During a mastopexy procedure, the surgeon will make strategic incisions around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease, allowing the skin envelope to be shifted and tightened. Excess, loose skin that is contributing to breast sagging and a deflated appearance is trimmed away once optimal positioning and lift height are achieved. The remaining skin is then sutured into place, forcing the breast mound to take on a more projected and youthful position on the chest wall with enhanced cleavage. While a mastopexy cannot replace lost volume, tightening and re-draping the existing breast tissue in this manner creates a perkier, more aesthetically pleasing breast shape and contour after deflation from weight loss. 


  • Restores breast shape and lift 
  • Removes excess, sagging skin for a perkier contour
  • Repositions nipples and areolas to a natural, youthful placement
  • Can be combined with implants to increase breast size
  • Boosts self-confidence and happiness with breast appearance
  • Utilizes existing breast tissue so no foreign materials are needed


  • Mastopexy is an invasive surgery with standard surgical risks
  • Can result in numbness in nipples or breast skin from nerves being cut
  • Creates noticeable scarring on the breasts, which can be permanent
  • May still lose some lift over time due to the effects of aging and gravity
  • The healing process takes weeks to months, with initial post-op discomfort
  • Does not replace all volume lost from weight reduction
  • May require future surgeries to fine-tune results as breast skin relaxes

Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss

Breast augmentation using implants is an excellent option to restore both volume and shape for deflated breasts after weight loss. During an augmentation, the plastic surgeon carefully creates pockets either under or within the pectoral muscle to accommodate the breast implants. Breast implants come in a variety of sizes and profiles to customize to the patient's dimensions and aesthetic goals. Once surgically positioned underneath the breast tissue, the implants provide increased projection and fullness centrally beneath the nipples for optimal cleavage enhancement. By filling out the loose skin envelope with appropriately sized implants, breasts lacking volume can be enhanced to achieve the patient’s desired cup size and contour. 


  • Can restore the breast fullness and cup size that was lost due to weight reduction
  • Boosts self-confidence for women unhappy with breast deflation
  • Utilizes implant devices to refill volume without lengthy procedures 
  • Can counteract thinning skin, stretched tissue, and skin laxity from weight loss
  • Achieve natural-looking enhancement when properly fitted implants are selected
  • There is a variety of implant sizes and materials to suit the patient’s budget and goals
  • Breast implants may have a lifetime warranty and are relativity low-maintenance


  • Breast augmentation alone does not address loose, sagging breast skin
  • Surgical risks are typical of any invasive plastic surgery procedure
  • Implants may affect future ability to breastfeed
  • Capsular contracture remains a possibility, requiring correction
  • Implants do not halt gravity or drooping, so additional surgeries may be needed
  • Rupture or deflation of implants is possible, requiring replacement surgery
  • Implant edges may be noticeable if there is not enough native breast tissue
  • Does not feel as natural as fat grafting methods for breasts

The Combined Procedure (Masto-Augmentation) 

The most comprehensive approach to rebuilding sagging breasts post-weight loss is a masto-augmentation - concurrently performing a breast lift (mastopexy) and breast augmentation. With this dual procedure, the restoration process addresses both breast volume and excess skin laxity at the same time. The surgery begins with augmenting the breasts using the chosen implant sizes to increase fullness and cup dimension. The implants stretch the skin envelope to create a subtle breast mound. A mastopexy is then meticulously executed, trimming away the extra, loose skin before it is shifted and tightened into a lifted position secured with sutures. Combining the reshaping mastopexy technique and three-dimensional implant augmentation re-creates optimal breast projection, fullness, and lift in a single surgery. 


  • Addresses both skin laxity and lost volume in a single procedure
  • Can meticulously enhance the breasts in a customized, comprehensive way
  • Achieves optimal rejuvenation correcting lift, shape, projection, and fullness
  • Implants stretch the skin, then mastopexy removes excess skin to tighten the area
  • Usually produces better cosmetic results than just a lift or implants alone
  • Boosts confidence by holistically restoring pre-weight loss breast anatomy
  • Reduces costs/recovery time compared to staged lift and augmentation


  • Combination surgery increases risks like bleeding, infection, scarring, etc.
  • Recovery is more difficult due to extensive restructuring
  • Can have numbness, nerve damage, or loss of sensation after extensive work
  • Higher chance of needing revision surgery to fine-tune final results
  • Does not halt aging; gravity can still affect breasts, requiring follow-up procedures
  • Implants may interfere with breastfeeding or require future replacement
  • Produces visible, permanent scarring that is more substantial than a single surgery

Get Started on The Road to Enhancing Your Breasts After Weight Loss

After significant weight loss, restoring confidence in your breast shape and contour is an important but challenging next step for many women. Fortunately, today's advanced mastopexy, augmentation, and masto-augmentation techniques allow for dramatic, rejuvenating enhancement of your breasts post-weight loss.

At The Plastic Surgery Center, our highly qualified, double-board-certified plastic surgeons are committed to providing exceptional care and support for your breast surgery after weight loss. Renowned as world-leading experts in numerous types of breast surgery, our top-rated breast surgeons utilize cutting-edge procedures and technologies to prioritize your well-being and achieve the best possible surgical outcomes. To discuss which customized breast revision procedure is best for you after significant weight loss, contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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